Project Your Walls with Night Sky

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Take the Stars Anywhere!



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Transform Your Place 

with the Wonders of Space

  • Project Stars, Moon & Moving Clouds
  • Use as Night Light, Mood Light and Décor
  • Adjustable Brightness & Patterns
  • Beautiful High-Resolution Color Projection

  • Makes a great gift! Perfect for night light, or to decorate bedroom, game room, kids room, home theater, ceiling, decoration, weddings and birthdays!

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Projects Nebula, Stars & Moon

Adjustable Color, Motion & Laser

Recharge Battery / or Plug-in

Bring the Beauty of the Night Sky Inside 

Enjoy the Northern Lights Without Leaving the House

Northern Sky Brite fills your walls with stars, moon, nebulas and clouds. With various different northern lights effects, you can customize the light effect, brightness, speed and soothing atmosphere. 

Transform Your SPACE

The sky projector can project fog-like rotating ocean wave, a clear moon-shaped moon and millions of stars hanging in the fantastic night sky, and it will not make any noise while working.

Great for Sleep

Experience the atmosphere of the planet and cosmic created by the starry sky light, letting go of the tiredness of the day.

Fully Customizable

With the flip of a switch, rotate form different lighting modes, brightness, and angles creating whatever atmosphere you're in the mood for.

360 Degrees of Beauty

Northern Sky Brite uses a multi-angle base projection design, keep the star projector on the position vertically or put in down on its side to achieve various projecting visual impact.


Option for auto shut off if you'd like to use it to fall asleep. Or leave it on for as long as you'd like.

Ultra Quiet

When Northern Sky Brite is turned on, it can create a warm and quiet sleeping environment to help you or your child sleep better.

hear what people are saying

"My son won't sleep without it!"

“My daughter gets so excited every night just to choose the different star patterns and colors. 

This is officially part of the bedtime routine at our house”

“It’s very relaxing, helps us fall asleep at night just watching the clouds and stars roll by at night. 

It’s very comforting”

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Take the Stars with You Anywhere!

Transform Your Place with the Wonders of Space

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